Panasonic sells a business to produce lead batteries

Japanese Panasonic Corporation announced the sale of battery business as part of the restructuring, which involves focusing on the production of the most profitable products. These products Panasonic considers energy saving household systems and batteries for electric cars, the resource 3dnews.ru.

Back in June, 2015 Panasonic has announced plans to invest 60 billion yen (about $ 500 million) in the development of automobile business, including the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars Tesla.

Taking the course for the development of cleaner technologies, the Japanese company sells the business associated with the development, production and sale of lead-acid batteries. Interestingly, she sells it to his Japanese rival GS Yuasa by 30 billion yen (about $ 250 million). The agreement plans to close in the spring or early summer 2016.

Lead-acid batteries used in cars, video surveillance systems, electric tools, UPS and others. Panasonic sees no need to continue production of these products and intends to focus on the issue of lithium-ion batteries used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

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